Claim process

  • If you do have to make a claim, your circumstances aren’t going to be great, so insurers have robust claims processes in place to help make the claims process as quick as possible, and we will help guide you through this.
  • Claim time is when your insurance policy really proves itself. After all, it’s when the financial back-up plan you put in place ‘the just in case’ has to now provide you and your family financial security.
  • At claim time you’ll be asked to complete a claim form. You will need to provide details about the condition including diagnosis and doctor’s appointments and you will be asked to supply copies of medical certificates, reports or tests, proof of income if it is an income protection claim, as well as your original policy documents.
  • If you are claiming on a Life Insurance policy you will need to supply a copy of the full death certificate.

The process of lodging a claim  

Intention to lodge a claim

  • Tell us that you need to lodge a claim and what it is for income protection, trauma etc. by calling us on 08 9382 5600.
  • We will contact your insurance company on your behalf and will arrange for you all the relevant information and the documentation you need to complete to get the process underway.

Lodging your claim

  • Complete the forms and return them to us as soon as possible.
  • We will forward your claim documents to your insurer for assessment.

Assessing your claim

  • Your insurer will assesses your claim and make a determination as to whether you are eligible to receive benefits under the policy.
  • For income protection most insurers will not fully assess your claim until your waiting period expires.

Your payments

  • If your claim is accepted, we will notify you as soon as possible, for lump sum benefit your insurer will settle the claim as soon as possible, for income protection claims your insurer will set you up in their payroll system as a payee and payments will continue until you return to work.
  • Income protection is tax deductable so it is assessable as income when you receive your benefit please keep this in mind. All income protection payment are made monthly in arrears.
  • At the end of the financial year, you will receive a payment summary.

Ongoing claims

  • With income protection each month you and your doctor will need to complete a report to your insurer to show that you are still eligible to receive your income protection benefit. For lump sum benefit once final payment has been made the claim is completed,