Thinking about death and dying, or becoming ill or injured, are not things we like to dwell on in our day-to-day lives. However, it is important to give some thought to the best way to protect the long-term financial security of the things that matter the most in our lives – our families, our assets, and our businesses – ensuring that we’re covered against any potential threats with a sound risk management strategy.

As a division of Bruce Insurance, our experienced ‘Bruce Life’ consultants can provide expert advice on:

Life Insurance
Life doesn’t always play fair, we all hope the worst doesn’t happen, but often it does, and when it does, would you want to make sure your family and loved ones are looked after even if you can’t be with them?

Income Protection Insurance
We sometimes take things in life for granted, like earning an income, it’s just work, right? But it’s your most valuable asset. How would you feel if you couldn’t earn an income and it was taken away?

Total & Permanent Disability
Life doesn’t always work out the way we expect, accidents and illnesses happen more often than you would think, and when they do, what would you do if you were unable to ever earn an income again?

We all get sick sometimes, that’s just life, but having a serious illness such as cancer or a heart attack is a different matter altogether. It’s something you may experience, if so would you be able to cope financially?

As one of Perth’s leading life insurance advisers, we have access to a broad range of insurance providers, with the ability to tailor an integrated Life Insurance and Income Protection Policy that is specifically tailored to your individual circumstances.

For enquiries on Life Insurance, please fill out a quotation request, and one of our consultants will be in contact with you shortly.